Seamless sports flooring have become the benchmark for professional sports and training. Unlike conventional fields, modern sports fields and courts are not only safer, resilient and appealing but, also quite versatile. Due to their better impact absorption, other unique safety features and versatility, seamless sports fields and courts can also enhance performance and encourage athletes to greater achievements.

However, you can only achieve these with the help of a sports field and court installation, maintenance and marking specialist.

At Court Marking Singapore, we are the experts in sports field and court installation, maintenance and marking Singapore that you can trust to deliver professional and tailor made solutions. We specialize in a variety of sports flooring installation, maintenance, repair and marking services for both residential and commercial establishments across Singapore. Our services portfolio includes the following:

Indoor and Outdoor Sports Flooring

We have many years’ expertise and experience in the installation of both indoor and outdoor flooring. In recognition of the unique needs of our customers, we offer a huge selection of sports flooring solutions for amateur and professional sports training as well as events. With us, you are guaranteed the best quality sports flooring that perfectly suits your unique expectations. We install the following types of flooring solutions;

Indoor Sports Court Flooring

With our seamless indoor flooring , you will have a more convenient and accident-free surfaces to train every day. Whether you need indoor sports flooring for regular training or leisure, our company offers a wide range of seamless alternatives to choose from. The indoor flooring alternatives that we provide are resilient, cost effective and highly efficient for various sports activities. Our indoor flooring options include;

Besides durability, we are also keen on indoor floors with intricate designs that easily complement the decor of various spaces. Our indoor flooring alternatives provide outstanding surfaces for different sports activities while also giving your spaces an added twist of beauty and elegance.

Outdoor Sports Court Flooring

Seamless outdoor flooring offers you a safer and highly durable platform to continuously engage in your favourite sports activities. We are also specialists in top notch outdoor flooring solutions for both private and public spaces. Our experts can easily transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful sports surfaces for a wide range of activities. We specialize in the following outdoor flooring solutions;

Our outdoor flooring options are made from materials that are resilient to weather and environmental impacts, hence, long lasting sports floors. Even if you are not sure of the right outdoor floor to choose, our specialists can help you find the most suitable outdoor flooring option for your space, training needs and budget.

Flooring Maintenance

Despite the durability and resilience of seamless floors, frequent use can sometimes impact quick wear and tear if they are left unattended. Professional flooring maintenance will not only help you extend the lifespan of your sports floors but, also save more on repairs. We provide the best flooring maintenance services for both indoor and outdoor sports floors. Our services will enable you to continue using your sports floors without worrying about frequent repairs. We offer the following flooring maintenance services:

Depending on your schedule, we can do the maintenance on flexible terms whenever you wish. Our specialists can perform the maintenance daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or on any other schedule that you prefer. Besides, we can also provide custom flooring maintenance services to make sure that your flooring remains in top notch condition throughout.

Floor Repair

Even professionally installed floors succumb to wear after use for a period of time. Besides, minor damages are inevitable if the floors are being used frequently. However, that does not mean you should replace the entire floor. With our professional floor repair services, you can easily revive a badly damaged floor into a fully functional and beautiful platform. At Court Marking Singapore, we are also experts in floor repairs for sports halls, gyms and school halls. We cater for both residential and commercial establishments in Singapore.

Sports Court Marking and Painting

Whether you just want a platform to train or host a sports event, it is always a requirement that the surfaces are correctly marked in accordance with the rules of the specific games to be played on those platforms. Instead of going through all the stress, let our sports court marking and painting specialists do the job. We understand the rules of every game when it comes to court marking and painting and, also have our tools and equipment for all the procedures.  We guarantee that your sports court will be marked and painted to standard in the shortest time. Our services cover the following areas.

Indoor Sports Court Marking and Painting

We offer professional indoor sports court marking and painting services for a wide range of indoor sports facilities including;

Outdoor Sports Field Marking

Our outdoor sports court marking and painting services also cater for various outdoor sports facilities including;

Why Choose Court Marking Singapore

There are many reasons why our company is rated the best sports field and court installation, maintenance and marking specialist in Singapore. Below are some of the reasons why you should always choose Court Marking Singapore for all your sports flooring installation, repair, maintenance and marking needs.

Having the right platform for sports is critical to better performance and safety. Talk to us today for the most reliable and affordable sports field and court installation, maintenance, repair and marking services Singapore.

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