Synthetic Playground Tiles and Flooring

In the past, playgrounds were erected in outdoor spaces and, children had to get out of the house to play. With synthetic playground tiles and flooring, you can now easily create a convenient play area right inside your home. Synthetic playground tiles and flooring are manufactured with durable materials and unique features that enable them to create comfortable and safer surfaces for various kinds of activities.

Whether you need just a small indoor play area for your kids at home or want to develop an expansive indoor playground for a commercial establishment, we are the experts in synthetic playground tiles and flooring that you should engage. We serve both residential units and businesses in Singapore, offering tailor made playground flooring solutions. We take pride in our ability to deliver highly reliable and affordable synthetic playground tiles and flooring.

Why Choose Our Synthetic Playground Tiles and Flooring

It is obvious that most customers will want to know what to expect before hiring any service. At Court Marking Singapore, we recognize the value of transparency when dealing with clients and would always want you to know beforehand what makes our company and services unique. The following are the key reasons why you should always choose our synthetic playground tiles and flooring.

Long lasting flooring

Indoor play areas experience repeated traffic and, also support various activities, which could impact quick wear if the surfaces are not resilient enough. The synthetic playground tiles that we provide are very strong and can withstand damage for a very long time with little maintenance. Owing to their durability, you will never go through the stress of replacing playground flooring frequently.

Unlike mats that easily succumb to tear and wear, our synthetic playground flooring is resistant to various forms of impact including dents, cracks and scratches. The surfaces are enhanced with protective layers to cushion them from damage. Even if the playground is used on a daily basis, the floors will remain looking great for a very long time without any demanding maintenance procedures.

Safe and Easy to Clean

The synthetic playground tiles that we offer are also proven safe for both humans and the environment. The flooring materials are resistant to mildew and mold, which helps with maintaining proper hygiene in your indoor play areas. Besides, the surfaces of the flooring materials are cushioned with wear-proof layers to prevent impacts and staining, thereby keeping your floors in pristine condition over time.

For enhanced safety, our synthetic playground tiles and flooring also have special slip resistant features. This ensures that even if water is accidentally spilled onto the surfaces when under use, there are no risks of accidents.

Stylish and comfortable playground flooring

Apart from their longevity, safety and ease of cleaning, our synthetic playground flooring is also loved by many because of their intricate designs. The tiles and flooring materials come in diverse styles and colors from where you can easily find those that perfectly complement the decor of your interior spaces. Due to the unique sense of style exhibited on these tiles, they can also be a great way to enhance the overall appeal of your home or business space. The flooring materials are also very quiet and soft to ensure added comfort when playing.

Easy and fast installation

Our synthetic playground tiles and flooring are also less-demanding when it comes to installation. We can install the tiles in a very short period of time so your kids can resume using the playground as soon as possible. Our specialists can visit your property to inspect the spaces, discuss your expectations and install the flooring at your convenience. Our company has its own in-house consultants, engineers and equipment for the job, making sure that your project goes according to plan.

Regardless of the size of the playground or other unique requirements, we will see to it that the installation of the tiles and flooring is done to the best standards and within the given timeframe.

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At Court Marking Singapore, we are the go-to specialists in synthetic playground tiles and flooring Singapore. With us, you are not only guaranteed high quality synthetic playground flooring but, also reliable and affordable installation services. Contact us today for the best synthetic playground tiles and flooring quotes Singapore.

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