Squash Court Floor Painting and Marking

Squash is considered by many as the ‘healthiest sport’ with a myriad health benefits. In fact, squash is one of the most sought-after sports today by both workout enthusiasts and professional athletes. The evidence is quite clear in the increasing number of squash courts in many residential and commercial establishments, sports venues and schools in Singapore. To develop an ideal court for playing squash, there are a few considerations to put forward.

Squash court floor painting and marking is a crucial procedure that must be performed to create the right platform for the game. At Court Marking Singapore, we are the specialists in professional squash court floor painting and marking Singapore. Our company’s mission is helping home owners, businesses, schools and sports organizations to create functional, safe and appealing squash courts.

Benefits of Squash Court Floor Painting and Marking

Whether you are developing your first squash court or have had it for a while, it is important to always understand the value of proper floor painting and marking. The following are some of the unique advantages of squash court floor painting and marking.

Highlights court dimensions and player positions

Even if you are a squash pro, it is not easy to play using imaginary lines. Besides the many mistakes that you are likely to make in the course of the game, a lot of time will also be wasted trying to figure out the dimensions and positions for each player. Proper squash court floor markings clearly highlight all the boundaries, player positions and other demarcations on the play area to avoid all these and ensure efficiency.

Promotes safety

Without clear floor markings, there is a likelihood of great confusion among the players, which could impact injuries or even damage to the equipment. Visible squash court floor markings ensure that players know exactly the limits to observe so each player enjoys the experience. Besides, the surfaces can also be cushioned with special slip resistant paints to prevent accidents.

Enhances the appeal of the court

Squash court floors can also be custom painted to improve the decor of the play areas as well as other parts of the building. On the other hand, you can also use markings to create logos and other decorative features on the floor of the court. Squash court floor painting and marking allows you to customize the play area to your needs and lifestyle.

The Best Squash Court Floor Painting and Marking Service in Singapore

Court Marking Singapore is the ultimate squash court floor painting and marking specialist that you should always engage to work on your project. Our company prides itself in the ability to deliver reliable and tailor made squash court floor painting and marking solutions for home owners, businesses, sports teams and schools in Singapore.

By choosing us, you are guaranteed the best squash court floor painting and marking service tailored to your training needs, space requirements and budget. Besides, we provide the service on flexible terms that ensure unrivalled convenience. Talk to us today for squash court floor painting and marking Singapore.

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