Outdoor and Indoor Sports Flooring

Sport is one of the most well paying careers today but, also a great way to keep fit. However, practicing sports can only be fun and safer with the right facilities. Outdoor and indoor sports flooring is an incredible way to enhance the appeal and functionality of your sports training facilities. The flooring is highly resilient, absorbs impact and also provides the much needed comfort to motivate athletes to practice regularly. Besides, quality outdoor and indoor sports flooring can also give your spaces a unique touch of luxury and style.

Court Marking Singapore are the outdoor and indoor sports flooring specialists in Singapore. We understand the unique needs of athletes when it comes to sports flooring and, have put together a huge selection of options to choose from. Depending on your training needs, the available space and budget, we can deliver the most suitable outdoor and sports flooring that will truly surpass your expectations. Our company provides sports flooring in numerous categories including;

Indoor Sports Court Flooring

The convenience of indoor sports courts is one of the main reasons why they have continued to attract many. With an indoor sports facility, you are able to train regularly throughout the year. However, the facilities require durable and safer flooring to ensure that you can enjoy training on a daily routine. We offer diverse indoor sports flooring options for various sports activities and facilities. Our goal is to enable you get the right indoor sports court flooring that perfectly suits your needs.

Gym Flooring

Whether you need to create a small gym in your home, start a fitness business or develop a fully fledged commercial gym, our company is the specialist to rely on for quality gym flooring Singapore. We use gym flooring materials that are easy to clean, durable and sound absorbent for proper hygiene, enhanced comfort and safety. Even if you are refurbishing an old gym, we can create the right flooring that supports all your training activities without changing the plan of the space.

Synthetic Playground Tiles and Flooring

Synthetic playground tiles and flooring are long lasting, safe and cost-effective. Besides, they also come in numerous designs and styles that can easily blend in with different interior settings. The tiles are enhanced with a protective rubber layer that withstands impact and prevents accidents resulting from slip and fall. Synthetic playground tiles and flooring are great for kids’ rooms and other indoor play areas. Talk to us today for quality synthetic playground tiles and flooring Singapore.

Indoor Sports Court Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is not only luxurious but, can also effectively withstand the impacts of regular training. Our indoor sports court timber flooring will enable you to incredibly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your training space with very little effort. Besides, timber is also eco-friendly and safe for all kinds of sports activities. Indoor sports court timber flooring is also low maintenance. Even in case of minor surface hitches like scratches and cracks, timber flooring is easy to fix.

Outdoor Sports Court Flooring

Training outdoors often comes with lots of challenges that can negatively impact the morale of athletes. As a result of the ever changing weather and environmental conditions outdoors, it is not usually easy to maintain the surfaces in proper condition. This means athletes cannot train during bad weather. The best way to solving such challenges is through outdoor sports flooring. At Court Marking Singapore, we can provide the best outdoor sports flooring so you can continue with your training schedule in every season.

Synthetic Artificial Grass

So many people today are turning to synthetic artificial grass for their lawns and also transforming recreational platforms. Artificial grass does not require water, mowing, fertilizers or chemicals, which make it quite cost-effective and safe for sports courts flooring. Once our specialists properly install the grass, you will never have to bother with tiresome maintenance procedures since it can withstand wear for many years. The striking beauty of artificial grass will give your training grounds a new sense of style while also creating a comfortable environment for athletes to train and compete.

Jogging and Running Track Flooring

Jogging and running are activities that require very smooth and level surfaces. Besides, there are also certain unique features that athletes require when jogging and running for effective practice. And, we are the experts in jogging and running track flooring that you can trust to provide smooth and safe surfaces for more productive training. We install custom jogging and running track flooring for daily training as well as larger athletic events in big sports stadiums. Even if you have space limitations, our specialists can still develop a suitable plan for the right jogging and running track flooring that fits the available space.

Outdoor Deck Flooring

An outdoor deck not only adds to the aesthetic value of the property but, also provides extra space for recreation. To make the decking more functional and beautiful, outdoor deck flooring is one of the crucial procedures that you should perform. Our company offers professional outdoor deck flooring services and, can help you transform the decking in your home or business. We provide diverse flooring options including rubber, tiles, timber and composite, which are all long lasting, stylish and quite easy to maintain.

Why Choose Court Marking Singapore

Our sports flooring services continue to attract many home owners, businesses, schools and other organizations across Singapore. This is mainly because of our commitment to customer satisfaction in every service that we provide. Below are the main reasons why our company is rated the best outdoor and indoor sports flooring specialist Singapore.

  • Diverse outdoor and indoor sports courts flooring options to choose from
  • High quality sports flooring
  • Reliable sports flooring services
  • Affordable outdoor and indoor sports flooring
  • Free sports flooring quotes

Choosing our company for outdoor and indoor sports court flooring Singapore does not only guarantee convenience and professional workmanship but, also affordable rates and the ultimate customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today for the best sports flooring Singapore.

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